SEU at Grace Family Church

Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida partners with Grace Family Church to host an instructional site on the church campus. Southeastern University offers excellent college education for an affordable price. With regional accreditation*, Southeastern University is well established and proud to offer students opportunities to discover their divine design.

Student Life

Community is built into everything we do at Southeastern University Tampa.  From the day you arrive you become part of a team that does life together.  Together we experience classes, intramural sports, conferences, chapel, an international missions trip and much much more.  Everything is designed to deepen the community as we broaden your perspective and shape your expanding biblical worldview.

You’ll experience team time activities and student body “family dinners” hosted in staff homes.  We join the Southeastern Lakeland student body for their SEU Conference and activities such as football and basketball games.  Because we believe that what happens in the classroom is only one aspect of your Southeastern University learning experience, we keep our student life vibrant and community focused.

A Week at a Glance

  • Monday – Student Chapel, SEU classes, Optional Student Workouts
  • Tuesday – Weekly Vision and Values Meeting, Practicums
  • Wednesday – Monthly Birthday Breakfast, Team Devotionals, SEU Classes, Intramural Sports
  • Thursday – Practicum
  • Saturday & Sunday – Attending Weekend Service

SEU Grace is the ideal place to discover your passions while living out your purpose God has for you.