Southeastern University partners with Grace Family Church to host an instructional site on the church campus. Through this unique partnership, students attending SEU Grace are able to enroll in degree programs through the university, while also participating in hands-on ministry experience at Grace Family Church.

Students will enroll in a full course load every semester, putting them on track to earn their associate’s degree in two years or bachelor’s degree in four years. Students will have flexibility in their schedules, allowing them to engage and learn in a variety of ways. Through SEU, students will receive academic credit in traditional classrooms, online classes, and ministry practicum based on their work in the different ministry departments at Grace Family Church.

Southeastern offers a variety of degree programs and financial aid opportunities. For more
information, please visit our partnership website.


We believe that education should be accessible to all. As a result, we have created two different academic programs to fit your scheduling needs.


Our daytime program is for the traditional college student, ages 18-25 looking to engage, not only in academics, but participate in an active college community.


Our evening program is tailored to the working adult trying to
balance career, community, and family responsibilities.