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A local PreMarried group will set up a successful marriage foundation for your forever. Engage with Mentors to help grow your relationship with Jesus in the center.

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Premarital Classes to build your Marriage Foundation

What is a PreMarried Group?

If you are seriously dating or engaged, a PreMarried Group will give you a vision into marriage for your relationship and strengthen your readiness for marriage.

Come and learn with other engaged couples in a fun environment from trained relationship mentors.

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Embarking on a serious dating or engagement journey? Unlock the keys to a lifelong love with the PreMarried class. Discover your unique path toward marriage, explore the next steps, and gain valuable skills for building a strong and lasting bond. Connect with other couples in a similar season and receive guidance from trained mentors who will support you in shaping your future together. Take the important steps towards a fulfilling and joyful relationship by participating in this transformative journey of growth and connection.

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When should a seriously dating or engaged couple take a premarital course?

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