Transforming you so you can transform others

You have a big decision to make.

The biggest one of your life so far. And at the end of the day, you want to be where you fit in, where you belong, and where it feels like home. You know God is calling you to make an impact. Get more than an education; get real world experience at SEU Grace Family Campus. We will lock arms with you every step of the way. We can’t wait to be there with you on graduation day. Discover how incredible you can be.



5 Steps To Starting Your College Journey

Submit your essay, character reference, and transcript

We want to get to know you and give you time to ask us anything

We’ll help you secure Financial Aid and register for classes

Prior to classes starting, get away and get to know your fellow students and staff

Begin to become all that God is calling you to be

What are people saying

"Coming from a tough home life, I feel like I am finally part of a loving family at SEU Grace Family Campus." -Noah

"Before I chose SEU Grace Family Campus, I looked at a lot of other options. At less than $10,000 a year, this was definitely the best value!" -Gui

"I tried community college, but I felt isolated and anonymous. Here, they genuinely care about me." -Nicole

A great choice for daytime or evening students

College doesn’t have to be what your parents experienced. You don’t have to be a little fish in a big sea of students. Here at SEU Grace Family Campus, we’re taking a new approach; not just giving you a degree, but also providing incredible internships and opportunities to bond with classmates through experience after experience. Don’t think of them as just classmates; you have a new group of friends waiting for you who are going to be with you every step along the way. There are no strangers on our campus.

For our more mature students taking evening classes, you’re going to love how focused our professors are on making sure you get the knowledge you need to pursue what God has planned for you. We know you’re crunched for time, have work commitments, and may even be raising a family. So we make every moment count and get you to your graduation day as soon as possible, without running up a lot of debt.