Finally: a way to climb your career mountain without piling up a mountain of debt

Our students are consistently amazed at how affordable tuition is at SEU Grace Family Campus! Most of our students qualify for at least one scholarship, and many qualify for multiple scholarships. Our financial aid experts will lock arms with you and make sure you get every penny you deserve.

2022 – 2023 Undergraduate Cost

Pricing Details

Our annual cost represents the amount before any scholarships are applied. All of our students from Florida who are pursuing their first degree receive the Florida Residents Access Grant, and many students receive funds from Bright Futures and Pell Grants. SEU Grace also accepts Florida PrePaid funds. When you add it all up, one word will come to mind: affordable.

Our Finance Team would love to connect with you to share details and answer any questions you may have about funds and scholarships. Click the button below to contact them and get started. Or if you’re seeking a graduate degree, we invite you to learn more about our program costs by clicking the button below.


“I was shocked at how affordable SEU Grace Family Campus has been; it’s more than 50% less than what I would have spent at USF.” -Michelle

“I’ve heard nightmares about student loan debt, but I will be starting my career debt free.” -Leah