More than a degree. Hands on experience at one of the most respected churches in the country.


Our internship program really sets us apart. Most colleges offer a limited number of internships, typically available only to upperclass students. But our students participate in an internship every semester. At SEU Grace Family Campus, you’ll get to choose from a huge selection of departmental internships that spark your interest and passion. Check out our internship menu below and start dreaming.

Weekend Experience

Worship, audio, lighting, stage design, first impression ministry, and volunteering

Family Ministries

Children’s ministry, middle school ministry, and high school ministry


Communication systems, financial management, systems development, church administration, organizational leadership, and database management

Adult Ministries

Women’s ministry, men’s ministry, care ministry, and missions

Creative Ministries

Video, graphic design, web development, computers & software, social media, marketing, and branding

Dream Center in Ybor

Family care, community outreach, inner city ministry, and youth enrichment programs

“I was part of a team that launched a high school ministry at a new church campus – where else would you get that hands-on experience in college?” -Thiago

“Not only will I have my degree when I graduate, but I’ll have 4 years of experience.” -Jonathon